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We use a transdisciplinary approach and creative methods to research and analyse several key areas of cities and urban life, including urban development and planning, economics, public space development, mobility, culture, policies, and trends.

Our recent research work

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Urban Strategy and Visioning

We facilitate city, neighbourhood, precinct and place visioning processes and from this develop urban strategies, tactics and activities.

Our recent Urban Strategy and Visioning work

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Consulting and Advisory Services

We advise the private, public, civil society and social sectors on existing, planned or new projects. We create constructive spaces and processes to help our clients and partners see a wider world of opportunities and build foresight into their projects or organisation.

Our recent consulting and advisory work

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Project Facilitation and Management

We manage and drive projects to achieve meaningful impact and desired outcomes. We do this through effective collaboration with built environment practitioners, lobbying business and government where necessary and maintaining positive relationships with communities.

Our recent Project Facilitation and Management work

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Stakeholder Engagement

We are skilled and experienced in conducting detailed stakeholder engagement using creative approaches such as labs, site meetings, workshops and mapping. These stakeholders typically include spheres of government, companies, landlords, community groups, commuters and residents.

Our recent Stakeholder Engagement work

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Curation and Competitions

We curate national and international conferences, exhibitions and events, as well as organise design competitions and charrettes using our global network of design and industry contacts.

Our recent Curation and Competitions work

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We craft and implement communication strategies to build local and global awareness for projects and clients, shifting perspectives and changing perceptions about places.

Our recent Communication work


We work across various industries and sectors.
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Working closely with innovative and ambitious housing developers in the private, affordable, and social housing sectors to drive innovation and inclusive development.

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Real Estate

Guiding and supporting property projects that are shaping how we live, work, and socialise, into the future.

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Urban Realm and Public Spaces

Developing strategies, tactics, and ideas to transform urban spaces, seeking to create vibrant, inclusive, safe, and unique experiences, that enhance the quality of life for all city residents.

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Transport and mobility

Working with different stakeholders in the mobility sector to unlock the full social and environmental benefits of mobility today and how we will move in the future.

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Walking and Cycling

Helping cities, towns, and groups conceptualise and implement projects that places walking and non-motorised transport at the heart of transforming urban areas.

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Arts, Culture and Design

Working with leading institutions to create arts and culture projects that bring joy, vibrancy, and life to urban areas, communities, and places.

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Developing creative learning and education programmes with universities and knowledge institutions to shape the minds of students through in-depth, immersive programming and critical conversations about the future of cities.

I → 008

Working with governments , government agencies, and embassies to embed foresight, creativity and innovation into public infrastructure and policy projects.

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Smart Cities

Working to guide and implement our smart(er) city principles and strategies in the public and private sectors, driving new cultures and innovations.

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