Sea Point Pedestrian Crossing Artwork

Can public art help improve road safety for pedestrians?


Services: Project Facilitation and Management, Research, Stakeholder Engagement, Design, Communication

Our Future Cities oversaw the installation of a public artwork around a pedestrian crossing on a busy section of the vibrant Sea Point Main Road in Cape Town, transforming it in an effort to raise pedestrian safety awareness in South Africa and enliven the city's public spaces. At this pedestrian crossing, the traffic lights only provide pedestrians with: 12 seconds to cross four traffic lanes and 7 of those seconds show the pedestrian signal flashing red.

The artwork, entitled "Recollection," was created by the local artist Al Luke of the creative collaboration Mrs. and Mr. Luke and measures 16 x 14 metres.

Following the installation of the project, we conducted a public survey in which we asked pedestrians how they felt about the public artwork and how it affected their sense of safety.

  • 90% Support the installation and location of the public artwork
  • 83% Believe art installation at the pedestrian crossing contributes to pedestrian safety awareness
  • 74% Observed hazards to pedestrians using the crossing, prior to the installation of the project
  • 83% Feel more secure crossing the intersection with the new artwork installation
  • 89% Believe there should be more pedestrian crossings, like the one in Sea Point, in Cape Town
  • 64% Believe more could be done to make the pedestrian crossing safer
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Client Quotes

"The concept is to improve development within cities to reimagine accessibility and safety as more and more people make the move to live in urban areas. The idea of future cities that merge sustainable economic development with connected urban living to shape the next generation’s way of life is not unique to Cape Town. There’s a deep hunger for these types of projects in every city,” said van Embden, adding that many murals ultimately emerge as unique landmarks that promote community pride. “It’s exciting to see the demand. It’s not just about painting roads,” he continued. “Streets are the ultimate gallery. They are where art and life come alive. "

- CEO of Blok, Jacques van Embden

“It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this project and to share my art with the Mother City by promoting awareness regarding pedestrian safety in Cape Town. It has also been a pleasure to change the perceptions of the city’s public realm and transform its everyday infrastructure into cheerful spaces,”

- Artist, Al Luke


Client: Blok

Team: Our Future Cities, Al Luke, Cape Town Signwriting, Blok, City of Cape Town

Photography: Matthew Griffiths

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