Another place: Towards the New Patterns of Cohabitation

How can housing models in Cape Town inform that of Moscow?



Our Future Cities co-developed the Cape Town leg of the programme for students of the Strelka Institute of Design, Media and Architecture's research studio “Another place: Towards the New Patterns of Cohabitation”. The field trip to South Africa is meant as an inspirational pause between the research phase and design phase, where they will seek parallels between the search for new patterns of living between two societies.

The students were part of an international educational project launched in Moscow in 2009, which relies on a ‘holistic’ approach to architecture, media and design, cross-disciplinarity and creative research to offer new solutions to urban challenges.

Strelka is an experimental postgraduate research institute with a curriculum designed and led by world renowned architect Rem Koolhaas/AMO.  It provides research-based education, as well as hosting a variety of public lectures, seminars and workshops, consulting on urban development and publishing leading books on urbanism, design, media and architecture.

The programme comprised talks and lectures as well as site visits to projects across the city.

Read the full research report here.

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