Bellville CBD Public Realm

How can interventions in the public realm promote immediate and incremental change in the Bellville CBD?


Services: Urban strategy and Visioning,  Research, Engagement, Design.

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership initially commissioned Our Future Cities to investigate the everyday social and cultural practises of Bellville's immigrant population in the central business district. The objective was to incorporate cultural expression into future placemaking processes.The work of Our Future Cities in the area continues, with a focus on informal traders, walkability, and urban regeneration. 

In 2023, this work will feed into the Bellville CBD Public Realm Strategy for the City of Cape Town, which seeks to deliver a series of activtiies and interventions in the immediate, short and medium term which provide a path to the Bellville Future City Master Plan which sets out an ambitious vision for the long term future of Bellville as Cape Town’s second CBD.

Read the initial report here.

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Team: Our Future Cities, dhk Architects and HHO Engineering.

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