Athlone Metropolitan Strategy

How can sport and civic infrastructure drive the regeneration of Athlone?


Urban strategy and Visioning, Research, Design

The Athlone Metropolitan Strategy project articulates a vision for reviving, connecting and growing the broader Athlone area as an asset to its residents, investors and the broader Cape Town. The vision is centred on positioning Athlone creating an attractive hub for residents and investment through: reviving or redesigning existing public assets, amenities and infrastructure, connecting different hubs and precincts through improved mobility and walking opportunities and unlocking public land for inclusive economic development.

The regeneration plan focuses on five precincts, with specific opportunities identified to unlock the potential of each. Within each precinct, there is a particular focus on the quality of the public realm, the sports and recreation facilities, connectivity and mobility, with an emphasis on non-motorised transport. This forms part of an overarching vision to drive the inclusive regeneration of Athlone City. Through stitching together the various precincts, the regeneration of each site provides not only valuable in itself, but amplifies development on all sites.

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