Future Tyger

How can innovative public engagement co-develop a 2040 vision?


Services: Engagement, Research, Urban Strategy and Visioning

The Future Tyger project was a public engagement campaign by the Greater Tygerberg Partnership and the City of Cape Town which aimed to gather public input and buy-in as part of plans to transform and rejuvenate the Voortrekker Road development corridor including the Bellville central area by 2040. The project commenced with a series of public conversations aimed at collecting feedback from those who live, work, learn, play, use health facilities or own businesses in the area. Innovative technologies were used to encourage creative collaboration through a series of hackathons, 3D simulation models of the city and public meetings. Social media, gaming and traditional media was also used to engage with people in the area and other affected stakeholders.

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Future Tyger wants to get ordinary people talking with each other and stakeholders in the region including government, business, academic institutions and community organisations. What needs to happen in the the Voortrekker Road Corridor and the Bellville Urban Campus from today towards 2020 and beyond to 2040?

Client: Tienie Le Roux, Walter Fieuw and Shahid Solomon of The Greater Tygerberg Partnership, City of Cape Town

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