Regent Road Parklet

How can two car-parking bays be transformed into public space?


Services: Research, Project Facilitation & Management, Engagement, Curation & Competitions

Regent route is a busy arterial route that runs through the Sea Point neighbourhood of Cape Town. Our Future Cities collaborated with Blok to construct a parklet to mitigate the road's impact and provide pedestrians with relief during the busy summer season. Previously, there were few free refreshment stops along the route. This was a crucial aspect of the project's objective. 

Our Future Cities facilitated a design competition for the parklet itself and led the compliance and government permit application processes for the project. Following the implementation of the parklet, Our Future Cities conducted post-installation monitoring.‍‍

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Client Quotes

Client: Blok

Team: Our Future Cities, GAPP Architects, Cameron Barnes, City of Cape Town

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