RISE Africa

How can we inspire impactful actions to co-create more sustainable African cities?


Services: Curation and Competitions, Project facilitation and Management, Engagement, Communication, Design, Research.

RISE Africa Festival is an annual event hosted by ICLEI Africa that inspires impactful actions for enhanced sustainability and resilience in urban areas of Africa. The festiva aims to provide exposure to forward-thinking ideas from various disciplines through a variety of curated interactions will serve as an antidote to outmoded "silo" thinking, which is widely acknowledged to impede innovation.

RISE Africa is not just another 'talk shop' for like-minded individuals; rather, it draws together a variety of city role players in innovative sessions to identify new opportunities for collaborative action.

The 2022 RISE Africa Action Festival attracted 2,900 registrations for 33 Sessions from 511 cities around the globe. 85% of these registrants reside in Africa, with 32% in South Africa and 15% representing international partners and colleagues. They represent collaborators from the civil society (26%), academia (22%), private sector (19%), local government, regional government, and national government (13%), among others.

Read the 2021 and 2022 reports here and here.

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Client Quotes

Curation: Rashiq Fataar, Paul Currie

Client: ICLEI Africa

Partners: Our Future Cities; Eddie Jjemba, Red Cross Crescent Climate Centre; Andy Tucker, Alma Viviers and Edgar Pieterse, African Centre for Cities

Rashiq Fataar
Rouen Smit
37 Parliament Street
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Cape Town City Centre
Cape Town, 8000
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