Florida Road

How can a recognisable high street become more inclusive and drive economic development?


Services: Research, Urban Strategy and Visioning, Stakeholder Engagement, Communication

Our team conducted a study of opportunities to enhance Durban's iconic high street, Florida Road, accompanied by advisory services regarding parking reductions, planning, economic development, and the 'Streatery' Open Streets concept. The initial analysis was conducted in 2018, a time of significant transition for Durban and Florida Road. This study method established a foundation and set of criteria for assessing the present state of the street and its potential for improvement.

The report concluded that Durban's Florida Road can continue to develop as a secure, inclusive, prosperous, accessible, green, and vibrant high street and public space by carefully managing renewal and making astute investments in public service improvements. A series of opportunities and possibilities were presented as actions for cooperation between government, business, and the local communities. In subsequent years, the work and advocacy examined parking-related planning policies and advocated for Open Streets and the "streatery" concept. 

Read the initial study here.

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Clients: Urban Lime, eThekwini Municipality

Team: Our Future Cities in collaboration with Urban Lime, The Markewicz Redman Partnership, the Florida Road UIP and others.

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