Church Square

How can a city square which lacks public life become a vibrant space again?


Services: Research, Urban Strategy and Visioning, Project Facilitation and Management, Engagement, Communication

Over 10 years ago, Cape Town’s historic Church Square was transformed from a parking lot into a public space. In subsequent years, however, it saw little public life.

In 2016, Our Future Cities was commissioned to conduct research and provide recommendations on how to bring public life back to Church Square. In 2017, we facilitated the installation of a Water Crisis Awareness Park in the square, which catalysed a return of vibrant public life to the space.

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Client Quotes
The problem with Cape Town's Church Square is that it isn't "sticky".

Client: Urban Lime

Team: Our Future Cities, CCID, Cape Town Partnership

Artists: Lionel Smit and several others

Rashiq Fataar
Rouen Smit
37 Parliament Street
Church Square
Cape Town City Centre
Cape Town, 8000
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