80:20 Inclusionary Housing Model

How can private developers be incentivised to include more-affordable units in their developments?


Services: Research, Stakeholder Engagement, Communication

Our Future Cities was tasked with guiding with the development, communication, and research of the 80:20 Inclusionary Housing model, which was to be piloted as part of the FORTY ON L development. The rationale was that developers requesting additional bulk or development rights, would be required to deliver an equal amount of housing delivered to qualifying households at a significant reduction in the market value.

The model we created was based on considerable local and international research, with the goal of altering South Africa's present property development strategy to incentivise developers to provide a more diversified mix of homes in well-located metropolitan areas. The model and work had a meaningful impact on policymaking and thinking about affordable housing in Cape Town.‍‍

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Client: Blok

Team: Our Future Cities

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