Rashiq Fataar

CEO, Founder

Rashiq Fataar, a visionary urbanist and CEO of Our Future Cities, an urbanism practice, consultancy, and think tank, is passionate about the people, systems, ideas, and projects that will shape the future of cities and our urban lives. Fataar has spent more than a decade working across places, scales, and disciplines, with Cape Town serving as both his inspiration and home base. With foresight as his watchword and progress as his beacon, he enjoys being involved in the big and small ideas to support the better creation of better public spaces, urban planning, community engagement, policies, housing, and mobility solutions. His training in actuarial science provides him with a unique fusion of analytical prowess, which he combines with creative insight. Furthermore, Fataar serves on the board of The Independent School for the City in Rotterdam, testing progressive approaches to educating future urbanists and serving a number of organisations and initiatives around the world that share his values. He shares his work and ideas widely through lectures, exhibitions, and the media.

Rashiq Fataar
Rouen Smit
37 Parliament Street
Church Square
Cape Town City Centre
Cape Town, 8000
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