Cape Town

Want to work towards a future in which cities are more sustainable and equitable but are also nurturing, exciting, vibrant, and loved?

Our Future Cities is on the lookout for aspiring, young urbanists passionate about creating cities that are sustainable and equitable but also exciting, vibrant, loved and nurturing. 

The part-time internship commences in June 2024 and runs over a period of 6 months. Our team values diversity in life experience and education, welcoming applicants from various academic backgrounds—be it human sciences, business, political sciences, engineering, natural sciences, or education.

At Our Future Cities, what counts most is your drive for impactful work, enthusiasm, curiosity and energy to make a difference in small and big ways.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Type: In-Person (fixed-term)
  • Level: Intern
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Remuneration: Monthly stipend after successful completion of assessment
  • Working Hours: Min. 3 days per week in-person
  • Deadline: 03 May 2024 | 17:00 GMT+2

How we work

Our close-knit team excels in urbanism and city making through research, strategic thinking, quality engagement, design, and foresight. From placemaking to masterplans, we serve governments, businesses, knowledge institutions, and communities to achieve meaningful change and lasting impact.

  • We work in-person from Church Square in the Cape Town CBD, steps away from Parliament, the Grand Parade and Company's Gardens.
  • Easy access to public transport and amenities, our clubhouse is as vibrant as our work culture. 
  • Flexible working hours around personal and project schedules 
  • We use tools such as Google Suite, Slack, WhatsApp, Zoom daily to coordinate, communicate and collaborate

What do interns do?

  • Engage with Clients and Partners: Participate in meetings and interactions with clients, government bodies, and partners to understand and assist in project coordination and relationship management.
  • Event and Exhibition Support: Help organise and manage events and exhibitions, contributing to the planning, setup, and execution phases.
  • Research and Analysis: Conduct research, site analyses, and observational studies to support urban development projects and initiatives.
  • Presentation and Report Preparation: Assist in developing presentations and reports, gathering data, and synthesising information to communicate project outcomes and findings.
  • Administrative Tasks: Take on administrative duties such as scheduling meetings, preparing meeting documents, and maintaining accurate records of discussions and decisions.
  • Skill Development: Gain skills in facilitation and presentation, engaging actively in workshops and public engagements to improve communication and leadership abilities.
  • Site Visits and Workshops: Attend site visits and participate in workshops to understand the practical aspects of urban projects, contributing to ongoing research and analysis.
  • Project Support: Provide support in project planning and administration, ensuring smooth progress and effective coordination of project activities.

What Our Future Cities can offer you:

  • A 6-month part-time internship in Cape Town, South Africa, beginning in the period 1 - 30 June 2024 only.
  • A monthly stipend after the successful completion of the assessment
  • An educational and learning experience through reading materials, workshops, site visits, events and assignments
  • Work experience that gives interns an opportunity to use what you have learnt
  • Skills development in research, community engagement, communication, project management and important work-based skills
  • Mentoring through peer support and guidance for you career ahead.
  • A dynamic, low-hierarchy and collaborative culture

What skills do you need?

We are open to applications from aspiring urbanists from any city of country, who are energetic, curious and hardworking. Please note: We do not require prior experience or an academic background in urbanism, design, or any built environment field.

  • Ability to appreciate and be curious about different contexts, cultures and city-making processes
  • A deep curiosity to learn more, unpack challenges and
  • Willingness to dive into new tasks and projects and engage with new information and data
  • Confidence to share your views and ideas with different audiences
  • Fully proficient in English, with good writing and communication skills
  • A collaborative and sharing nature

How can I Apply?

Please complete the online application form here.

Please note that applications for this opportunity are exclusively accepted through our online form. Submissions through other channels will not be considered.

Deadline: 03 May 2024 at 17:00 GMT+2

If you have any additional questions regarding the internship programme, you may contact us on

Rashiq Fataar
Rouen Smit
37 Parliament Street
Church Square
Cape Town City Centre
Cape Town, 8000
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