Cape Town 2040 Think-Tank Announces Learning Mission to Paris 2024 Olympics

April 17, 2024

With under 100 days to go until the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Cape Town 2040 (CT2040), a think-tank exploring Cape Town's potential to host a future Olympic Games, is proud to announce its upcoming learning mission to attend the Games from 23 July to 09 August 2024 . The delegation will not only attend the sports events but will also engage in observations of Paris's approach to the Games and its various strategies to leave a legacy beyond the Games. This mission is a strategic component of CT2040's ongoing research efforts and will enrich existing work already underway.

This mission builds on the insights gained from a 2022 visit to the construction site of the 2024 Athletes Village in Seine-Saint-Denis, which will accommodate 10,500 athletes during the Games and includes a significant portion of affordable housing for various groups.

The learning mission will take place from 23 July to 09 August 2024, will include attending events at the following venues:

Along with attending sports events, CT2040 will observe and document Paris's mobility strategies, with a focus on the use of walking and cycling infrastructure and wayfinding solutions. The team will also explore how Paris has transformed public spaces for the Olympics, focusing on temporary installations and their planned integration into the city's fabric and neighbourhoods after the Games.

Says Rashiq Fataar: “Paris and the Île-de-France region have aligned the Olympic Games with their long-term development plans, a strategy Paris 2024 will showcase. Initiatives, like cleaning the River Seine, constructing venues using timber, and using iconic sites to promote youth-focused urban sports, offer valuable lessons. Additionally, the use of towns outside the host city and maximising the use of existing venues provides a blueprint for Cape Town and the Western Cape. These efforts, in line with the IOC's Agenda 2020, highlight new opportunities for our region to fully explore in the next decade.”

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A visual of the Stade de France during Athletics

About Cape Town 2040:

Cape Town 2040 (CT2040) is an innovative think-tank and research group dedicated to exploring the potential of Cape Town and the Western Cape as hosts for the 2040 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our mission is to rigorously assess the readiness and capacity of Cape Town and the Western Cape to successfully host the Games, with a keen focus on how the event can catalyse sustainable development, enhance resilience, and foster greater integration across the city and region. We believe that the Games can be a powerful driver for positive change, aligning with and accelerating future investments in the area.

At the heart of CT2040's approach is a commitment to comprehensive research, strategic design and planning, and the dissemination of knowledge. We actively engage with urban practitioners, government bodies, athletes, and local communities in the Western Cape to inform our strategies and ensure inclusivity and relevance in our work.

CT2040 is spearheaded by Guy Briggs, Head of Urban Design at dhk Architects, and Rashiq Fataar, CEO of Our Future Cities, who bring a wealth of expertise and vision to our collective endeavour.

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